Basic Islamic Sciences Preparatory Program

The Oranje Institute aims to prepare students for university education and inform and raise awareness in the field of Islamic sciences through its preparatory program.

This two-year program is designed to establish a foundation in religious sciences and to disseminate this scholarly tradition to a broad audience, especially young people.

Students who complete the preparatory program can enroll in the Oranje Institute’s four-year undergraduate department.


Getting to know our divine book: Quranic Studies
The Legacy of our Prophet: Hadith
Messengers who left a mark in history: History of Prophets
Journey to the good and the true: Ethics
Islam in the Digital World: Social Media Fiqh
Following the footsteps of the living prophet: Biography of the Prophet
Foundations of faith: Creed
Consciousness of servitude: Fiqh for Daily Living

Classes are held on Friday evenings for two hours and are conducted through a hybrid method (face-to-face & online). The program runs throughout the year, excluding holiday periods, and is a total of two years long.


The annual tuition fee is €300