Bachelor level*

The Orange Institute’s goal is to equip individuals with a bachelor-level education in Islamic Theology. The institute aims to produce experts who can provide spiritual guidance to the growing Muslim community in Europe, especially in the Netherlands. The program focuses on imparting knowledge, insight, skills, and attitudes from Islamic tradition and Western intellectual, professional, and social traditions.

Furthermore, it is imperative to broaden one’s knowledge and expertise beyond the confines of religious or theological studies to encompass fields such as socio-pedagogy, which will serve as a valuable guide for professionals in their respective vocations.

Acknowledging and embracing the diversity in philosophical, social, and cultural fields is crucial in defining modern European and Dutch societies. Similarly, the Islamic community is incredibly diverse, especially within Dutch society.

Our program is specifically designed to equip students with the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary for success in Islamic theology, its social context, and its role in contemporary Dutch and European societies. By the end of the program, students will be fully prepared to perform professional tasks in this field with complete independence and a critical mindset.

The Islamic Theology bachelor’s program is a rigorous four-year program, with students taking the same classes for the first three years. Students may choose between the Islamic Spiritual Care package or the Teacher of Islamic Religious Education graduate program in their final year.

Upon graduation, students can pursue a master-level program offered exclusively by our institute and further their education in this field.


Admission requirements bachelor level program

Previous education requirements

Admission to the program is open to persons who have completed one of the following prior education:

1- A mbo-education, havo-education, a vwo-education;

2- HBO diploma or studying at an HBO education elsewhere;

3- equivalent foreign certificate to credentials mentioned above

4- 21+ test

5- full completion of the theology program at the Orange Institute


* The theology programs, both bachelor’s and master’s, provided by the Institute are presently not accredited. However, the Institute plans to seek accreditation for the HBO-bachelor’s degree program from the Netherlands-Flemish Accreditation Organisation (NVAO) after completing a cycle of graduates. Additionally, the Institute aims to make the accreditation retroactive for its programs, ensuring that the government will recognize the degrees earned by those who graduated before the certification in the future.